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Vlogging series: How to put AI ethics into practice?

Vlogging series: Felipe Castro Quiles vlogs on AI Policy Exchange

‘How to put AI ethics into practice?’ – If this question interests you, then make sure to check out the ‘Expert Vlogging Series’ by the AI Policy Exchange.  This topic is the first of many to be discussed as part of the series that will feature experts addressing some of the hardest questions confronting governance of artificially intelligent technologies.

AI Policy Exchange is the brainchild of a group of graduate students of the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) at National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

The series will feature vlogs from a technical or policy expert at the Exchange on a common question. The first vlog features Felipe Castro Quiles, a deep tech entrepreneur and Co-founder & CEO at Emerging Rule, an edtech public benefit corporation researching and developing AI for digital education. Watch the vlog here:  

Why AI ethics?

The Policy Exchange said: “The question arises from findings by public policy and ethics researchers who claim that AI ethics principles & guidelines, proposed by various public bodies and private groups in their current form, likely have a negligible effect on the safe development, deployment, and use of artificially intelligent technologies.”

More about Felipe Castro Quiles:

Felipe is also Co-founder & CEO at GENIA Latinoamérica, an organization harnessing the power of machine learning to connect Latin America to a regional matrix of AI R&D. Felipe holds specializations in deep learning and virtual teaching, is Fellow at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, Member at NVIDIA AI Inception, and currently serves in Forbes Artificial Intelligence Executive Advisory Board and Virtual Educa Connect Advisory Board.