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Welcoming Our New Students

November 17, 2020

BA LLB (Hons) Batch 2020-2025

In any other year, we would welcome our new batches to the University with a week-long Orientation Programme. The Programme introduces new students to the various academic and extra curricular activities at NLSIU. This year, we conducted a four-day virtual orientation programme for the new BA LLB (Hons) and LLM batch.

For the first time in 32 years, the BA LLB (Hons) batch has grown from 80 to 120. Students from across 21 States/UTs secured admission to the BA LLB Programme. This year, 39 female students have been admitted, making up 33% of the batch. The University also admitted 50 students from across 16 States/UTs to the LLM Programme. 21 of the 50 admitted students are female making up 42% of the batch.

We wish all the very best to our new students for their academic journeys ahead.

Meet Our Students

We spoke to a few students from our new batch who shared their hopes, aspirations, and their experiences during the pandemic.

Ananmika Vats

Background: I really did not have any idea about pursuing a law degree till 2019. Law is not a very popular option in my city (Muzaffarpur), and not many people pursue the degree here. However, I saw an interview regarding the legal profession and felt that I had abilities suited to this field.

What attracted me to law school: In 2019, I started doing some research on a career in law and looked up the websites of different law schools to find out more. I started preparing for the entrance exam in June of 2019. I was also following current affairs and news on the laws passed in recent years. Since I naturally like to read books & newspapers and follow current affairs, the prep process catered to what I already liked to do.

NLSIU was my first choice right from the beginning. I had read about students who had passed out of the law school and the kind of work their alumni were involved in. I also read about the activities students were engaged in, and the involvement they had in the University. So, it was a natural first choice.

Staying connected during the pandemic: I have had several positive interactions with my peers and seniors. A Whatsapp group has become a forum for our batch to connect, be it for academics or for other issues. Of course, nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction but, it is still a platform to bond for the time being.

What I’m looking forward to at NLS: The diversity of opinions at NLS can only be matched by the diversity of the people who hold them. I am looking forward to the stimulating discussions that would inevitably occur in such an environment, that can challenge my preconceived notions and assumptions, which is an essential part of learning. The academic rigour and the guidance by the professors and seniors would surely help me turn out as someone who is prepared for the fast-changing world. I am particularly looking forward to visiting our famous library once the circumstances are favourable. I am also excited about the various committee and societies of NLS, and I hope to join a few of them.

Interests: I love reading journals, magazines, newspapers and books. Books I enjoyed reading include: ‘India: A Million Mutinies Now’ by V.S Naipaul, ‘The Wall’ by Gautam Bhatia and ‘Flowers for Algernon’ by Daniel Keyes. I am currently reading ‘Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. Other hobbies include badminton, philately, photography and calligraphy. During the lockdown, I learnt how to play the ukulele and was able to grasp the basics of the Russian language. I also practice meditation regularly and it has helped me a lot during these challenging times.

Nayan Anand

Background: In 2016, I got to know that my vision was affected due to a retinal detachment in my left eye. I had earlier planned to pursue science and was interested in medicine. However, due to the visual impairment, my doctor advised against pursuing medicine. I might have lost one opportunity, but I still had thousand other options to explore in the world.

There are retinal holes in right eye as well and there may be chances that I may not be able to see clearly from my right eye in the future. But we are trying to prevent that. The amusing part is that my name is Nayan (eyes) and my surname is Anand (joy) so my name itself means joyous eyes!

What attracted me to law school: I realised we can be change makers through law. Law could be a crucial first step in bringing about a change in the world. I like to work toward something that can bring about a change. I like to look at problems with different perspectives and tell people that we can change the way we approach or solve an issue.

My maternal grandfather advised that I should aim to be the best in whatever I do. So, I aspired to get into NLSIU as I wanted to go to the best law school. While doing some research during my 9th standard, I learnt about the CLAT and the admission process into NLUs. This is when I started my preparation for law. I started reading newspapers and working on my General Knowledge. I also did some research on the kind of work lawyers are involved in. In 2018, I got an opportunity to meet Ram Jethmalani through my coaching centre. It was a great experience.

Positivity is my mantra during the pandemic: Post my eye surgery, I had to shift from ICSE board to the local state board. It was a challenge to study a third language suddenly and write an exam for it. I remember the advice of one of my teachers: Life is full of challenges and things we get easily in life will never challenge us. This experience has helped me adapt to different situations and the same perspective has helped me deal with the ongoing pandemic as well.

Due to the pandemic, the experience of admission and results was so different this time as we had to wait a long time. A lot of patience and calmness was required for students everywhere. Staying positive was my way of dealing with it.

Staying connected during the pandemic: Going completely online with the exam and classes was a bit worrisome initially. I then started using technology aids for narrations which I now find easier and more accessible. We may not be there on campus but I am still enjoying the exposure to a different atmosphere through the online sessions even while being at home. The orientation helped us know more about the University, the faculty and our seniors. Yes, it a virtual connection and a different kind of experience. But we have to remain optimistic.

Interests: I have been writing Hindi poetry since 7th standard. I am not as knowledgeable in English literature but I hope to explore writing poetry in other languages too. I enjoy meditation. I also have my own youtube channel where I do poetry related videos and open mic sessions on weekends. When i joined a CLAT coaching centre, I also got interested in reading books. ‘Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius’ by Soli J. Sorabjee & Arvind Datar is one of my favourite books.

Preeti Yadav

Background: I have a locomotive disability which affects my left arm and left leg. Sometimes, even the thought of the disability hampers us in the way we approach things. So it becomes all the more important to make more of an effort toward our goals. It drove me to be more persistent in my efforts, more hardworking and confident that I can overcome these challenges.

What attracted me to law school: Class X is when my interest in law began. My relatives and family members exposed me to many career opportunities and my father especially inspired me. He is a policeman so I’ve also learnt from his experiences. He motivated me stating that through law, I could help others in the society and earn respect. I aspire to become a judge or a magistrate someday. I want to contribute to matters of law and order in the society.

Similar to how clearing CLAT became my main focus since Class X, NLS too was my focus among law schools. Initially, I was not confident that I would be able to get into NLS. In fact, when I started my preparation for CLAT, I thought that getting into any NLU would be sufficient. My teachers, family and friends however encouraged me to aspire for NLS. But I kept thinking that I don’t have the potential to get into the best law school. I just focused on the prep process and when I actually got in, I was extremely happy that I had made it!

Dealing with the pandemic: It has certainly not been an easy year. However, there are some positives. The delay and additional time due to the pandemic this year really was a bonus for me to prepare better and improve my scores and work on the entrance exam. The key learning during this time has been to manage our time better. I am in touch with students from my batch, including some from my city, over messages and phone calls. I am also in contact with seniors so this support system is very important and helpful.

What I’m looking forward to at NLS: I am looking forward to the academic experience at NLSIU and focus on doing well in all my exams. I hope to juggle academics and co-curricular activities and work on my communication skills simultaneously.

Interests: I listen to poetry and regularly write shayaris in Hindi. I also have an interest in chess.