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Why India’s Landmark Abortion Ruling could Echo around the World | Article by Shreya Shree & Gauri Pillai

November 2, 2022

NLSIU faculty members Ms. Shreya Shree and Ms. Gauri Pillai have authored an article titled “Why India’s landmark abortion ruling could echo around the world,” which has been published by Aljazeera.

The article reflects on the Indian Supreme Court’s crucial decision which holds the promise of actually leading to the reproductive autonomy of Indian women, in particular through access to abortion.


While the core issue before the court was whether unmarried women could seek an abortion under the law – the judges confirmed that they can – the decision also spoke to a range of deeper concerns about abortion and women’s rights over their bodies. It could potentially even pave the way for the criminalisation of marital rape, which, at the moment, is not punishable in India.

Fundamentally, the court did something long overdue: It approached a critical legal question about abortion from the perspective of women’s own experiences, possibly for the first time. And it has set an example that could – and should – echo beyond India.

Read the full article here.

Previously, Ms. Shreya Shree had also written an opinion piece on access to abortion for The Indian Express’ She Said Sunday column. In July, the Supreme Court had passed an ad-interim order, allowing an unmarried woman to terminate her pregnancy of 24 weeks. Shreya‘s opinion piece on the case can be read here.