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Meet our New Faculty | Dr. Anindita Jaiswal

November 9, 2022

We are happy to welcome Dr. Anindita Jaiswal Jaishiv who joins us as Assistant Professor of Law this term. Prior to joining NLSIU, she has taught at O.P. Jindal Global University (Sonipat), and at NALSAR (Hyderabad). Previously, she has worked with the law firm Majmudar & Partners (Mumbai) for more than four years. Her research addresses critical concerns in corporate governance, more specifically gender diversity.

In this interview, she shares more about her work and her interests.

1. Can you tell us more about yourself/your background?

My most recent few years have been significantly engaged with corporate law. I have been into both sides of it – research/academic and industry practice. On the academic front, I earned my doctorate (PhD) in corporate governance at The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Prior to that, I undertook both my masters and undergraduate studies from the National Law University, Jodhpur. In terms of my teaching experience, I have conducted courses on company law, corporate governance, foreign exchange management, and entrepreneurship and law at NALSAR and O.P. Jindal Global University. I am also engaged as a course tutor and supervisor/evaluator with the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Aside from the conventional contours of corporate law, my interest lies in examining diversity and inclusiveness as an instrument of corporate governance. This has been my core doctorate research, and which I continue to pursue in my academic journey. I am also a contributor/author in the Scottish Feminist Judgement Project, and have worked actively in the Athena Swan and the Diversity and Inclusion committee at the University of Edinburgh. While I am interested to pursue further research in this domain (not only in the context of companies, but any organization and institution to which this holds no lesser relevance), my core interests lie in corporate and commercial laws.

With regard to my non-academic interests, I engage in culinary skills and music. My rejuvenation comes from family time and travel.

2. What are your main areas of interest and teaching? How did your interest in these areas begin?

My interest and specialization lies in Corporate Law, which I have been primarily teaching in the past. The interest arose from the time of my graduation at NLU Jodhpur, where I earned my Honors degree in corporate law. The interest was further strengthened at my internships with some of the premier law firms of the country. These internships provided me with the opportunity to witness the practical side of the learnings which I gained at the law school. Real client interface helped me build the confidence to pursue the complex domain of corporate law as my career.

3. What will you be teaching at NLS?

I will be teaching corporate law as a core course to 3rd year students of BA LLB. Corporate law and its importance in contemporary legal space needs no introduction or assertion. While it lies at the core of the commercial world, its interface with non-commercial aspects has reaffirmed its significance in legal education. Corporate law is no longer a necessary subject only for corporate lawyers. It is equally relevant for any other discipline of law – be it constitutional law, human rights, or intellectual property. With the massive implications of companies on regular life, corporate law as a core course stands justified.

4. Your thoughts on starting your teaching journey at NLS? What are your plans ahead?

NLS being an apex law school of India, quite necessarily, becomes a milestone for any law academician in the country. It is clearly a significant value addition to my teaching trajectory alongside The University of Edinburgh. I look forward to an enriching learning experience at this institution. While I would like to continue my pursuits in corporate law, I wish to explore multi-disciplinary perspectives during my stint at this institution. Some of the examples could be diversity and law, entrepreneurship and law – all from a corporate governance stand point.

5. Could you highlight some of your key projects or publications?

  • On-going: Article on “The missing theory for regulation and law making: women in corporate leadership” in the Journal of Corporate Law Studies
  • Author at the Teaching Matters Blog “Can Diversity be Taught?” (28 October 2020)
  • Author at Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law blog “Strategizing Boardroom Gender Diversity

More of Anindita’s publications may be viewed on her faculty page: