The MPP Student Council is organising a webinar on ‘Effectively using Public Data to strengthen governance – Experience of Factly and the growing fact-checking phenomena.’

Date & Time – July 22, 5 pm

Speaker – Rakesh Dubbudu

Rakesh Dubbudu is an experienced RTI campaigner and founder of Factly a platform that strives to cultivate civic participation and engaging citizens in accessing, understanding, and using high-value government records at the center, state, and local body levels.

Themes to be discussed in webinar:  

  • The speaker’s insights on the utility of data as a public good, and the ways in which better public engagement can be achieved with the government data.
  • Skills required to see through data and decide fact from fiction
  • Career opportunities in the fact-checking space
  • The speaker’s experiences regarding Factly and the fact-checking phenomenon.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 936 7924 8549
Password: 212869

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