National Law School – Alumni Association

Every renowned educational institution ought to have an alumni association that nurtures and fosters the alumni – scattered across the globe – keep alive the bonds of friendship created within its portals, and with the institution and its current students. Such an alumni association also enables the building of professional networks amongst its diverse alumni, and in contributing to the institution and the society at large.
The NLSIU Alumni Association has been formed to strengthen the bond between alumni, our alma mater, NLSIU, and the students currently pursuing courses at NLSIU.

Formed as a Trust, the Alumni Association is overseen by a Governing Board, and envisages various Regional and City Chapters in India and around the world.

The key objects and activities of the NLSIU Alumni Association include, among others, the promotion in India of the interest and progress of the legal fraternity, the legal profession and legal education, access to justice and legal reform. It envisages working together with NLSIU and other institutions of higher education to meet its objectives.

The members of the initial and interim Governing Board of the Alumni Association are drawn from the first five batches of this venerable institution:

Mr. Dayan Krishnan Class of 1993
Mr. Rahul Matthan Class of 1994
Mr. V. Umakanth Class of 1995
Mr. Pramod Rao Class of 1996
Mr. Siddharth Raja Class of 1997

The Trust Deed also contemplates having a member of the Executive Council of NLSIU, and also the President / Vice President of the Students’ Bar Association of NLSIU as members of the Governing Board.

The Trust Deed can be accessed here. To contact the NLSIU Alumni Association please email at

The NLSIU Alumni Association is also organized as a group on Facebook: NLSIU Alumni Worldwide (and has fostered various Regional or City Facebook groups listed below) and on LinkedIn: NLSIU Alumni Worldwide

Various other social media forums/groups of NLSIU Alumni can be accessed from the links given below. Please contact the Student Bar Association at, or drop us a line on the above e-mail id, if any alumni forums are missing.



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