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The Politics of Expendability: State Suppression of Police Workers in India by Prof. Beatrice Jauregui 

December 8, 2021


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At a Glance

NLSIU was the first National Law University established in India to pioneer legal education reforms. The University has remained a leader in the field of legal education in India for over 30 years. NLSIU has been ranked No 1 in the National Institutional Ranking Framework in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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Undergraduate Degrees

The five-year integrated Undergraduate B.A. LL.B (Hons) Degree Programme is the flagship degree at NLSIU that offers students training in a range of legal and non-legal subjects. NLSIU pioneered this five-year programme in India with an intention to provide a strong foundation upon which students can choose to pursue professional options or further academic opportunities.

Postgraduate Degrees

NLSIU’s Postgraduate Programmes include the one-year Master of Laws (LL.M.) Programme and the two-year Master’s Programme in Public Policy (MPP). The MPP Programme is an interdisciplinary programme that provides comprehensive training in designing, translating, and evaluating the efficacy of policies.

Research Degrees

The Research Programmes are intended for students and practitioners keen on pursuing advanced studies, research and scholarship. The University offers four research degree programmes: Ph.D in Law (Doctor of Philosophy)Ph.D Interdisciplinary ProgrammeIntegrated Ph.D in Public PolicyDoctor of Laws (LLD)

Online & Hybrid Programmes

The Online and Hybrid Programmes offered by the Distance Education Department of NLSIU are intended to make legal education more accessible to interested students and practitioners, desiring flexibility with location and time. We offer eight Programmes to graduates of any discipline from a recognised University.


Over the last three decades, NLS has played a significant role in legal research and reform. This has included working on key legislation that has shaped India’s development. Its specialised research centres have been repeatedly called upon to shape laws and improve implementation in intellectual property, child rights, and environmental laws, among many others. Our focus areas for the path ahead include state capacity in the 21st century, issues of law and technology, the future of work and legal system reform.


During my time as a student at NLS, I found the system of continuous assessment, focus on research and writing, and wide ranging elective offerings, gave me the opportunity to extend my skills and knowledge in areas of my choice. Now, as a faculty member, I treasure the autonomy I have in the design and delivery of courses. This allows me to innovate and keep the syllabus up to date and relevant. Interdisciplinarity is a core aspect of the curriculum here, which equips students to develop well-rounded and critical perspectives on the subjects that they study.

Overall, the University offers a vibrant community life: Be it incredibly smart and driven students, an experienced and engaged faculty, or a hands-on staff, all these aspects come together to give NLSIU its distinctive character.

Dr Aparna Chandra

Associate Professor of Law

More about Dr Aparna Chandra

For a starry eyed law aspirant from Mysore, NLS was a place I reached with awe. Little did I know that there was so much more on offer than I had bargained for! The fascinating thing about NLS is that in the space of those few meters, and those 600 odd people, there are so many different dreams chased and quirks indulged.

In the time during and since Nagarbhavi, I have encountered the law in a few ways, and would not nearly be equipped were it not for the lessons learnt there. Lessons learnt in the middle of pages in a sunny library, in the classroom sparring with brilliant classmates, in moot courts and journal boards and what not, collaborating with peers across batches. But more importantly, valuable life lessons learnt dancing in quad parties, during animated lunch table conversations, and simply by having each other’s backs through five formative years. My biggest gratitude to NLS is for the way of seeing the law that the Legal Services Clinic opened for me, allowing the space for many of us to get our first brush with real life situations, and engage with a city through its people and communities.

Amidst the red bursts of Gulmohars, we also confronted the messy parts of ourselves and the world around us. It was a time when we tried to make sense of that confusion and chaos, rebelling and negotiating through it all, something I’d like to believe we continue to do! As a university space, it is of pride and comfort to know that a place like NLS is designed to instill a sense of curiosity and the ability to be critical.

Sahana Manjesh

Litigation Lawyer, Mumbai

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