Centre for Environment Law, Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA)

The Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA) established in 1997 is a research centre that focuses on research and policy advocacy in the field of environmental law. Building an environmental law database, effectively networking among all stakeholders, undertaking training and capacity development exercises, providing consultancy services and building an environmental law community are CEERA’s main objectives. It enjoys the support of the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, other Ministries, international organisations, the Bar and the Bench in India.

As part of its activities, CEERA also runs two portals:

ceerapub.nls.ac.in – CEERA has taken pioneering efforts in keeping up with the technological advancements by publishing journals, blogs, articles, Books and other research materials on its online platform NLS Publications at nlspub.ac.in. The website launched in the year 2019, is a virtual shelf for anyone interested in learning about recent developments and also provides a place for others to contribute on any recent topics.

abs.nls.ac.in – This portal was launched as part of a project under the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) and Global Environment Fund (GEF) on Strengthening Human Resources, Legal Framework and Institutional Capacities to Implement the Nagoya Protocol (Global ABS Project). This portal provides updates on training programmes, and developments in the field of Biodiversity in India and across the world.

Center Co-Directors: Prof. (Dr.) Sairam Bhat & Dr. Sneha Thapliyal


Dr. Sairam Bhat

Dr. Sneha Thapliyal

Rohith Kamath

Vikas Gahlot



Handbook on Biodiversity Laws, Access and Benefit Sharing

May 17, 2019

This book deals with the practical implication of the Biological Diversity (BD) Act, 2002 on the industries making use of biological resources and the society at large. It discusses the process of adjudication, wherein further light is thrown upon the remedies and penalties under the Biological Diversity law.


Online Training Programme | Environment Legislations, Interpretation, Enforcement, Legal and Statutory Requirements: Case Studies.

February 8, 2021

The Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA), National Law School of India University, Bengaluru in collaboration with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is organising an online training programme on ‘Environment Legislations,...

Call for Papers | National Seminar on ‘Strengthening Agricultural Water Use Law, Policy and Management in India

March 26, 2021

The Centre for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA), NLSIU, and University of Agricultural Sciences,GKVK, Bengaluru, in collaboration with ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneswar, is organising an online National Seminar on ‘Strengthening Agricultural Water Use Law, Policy...
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