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Giving Month | Giving Back – A Bridge that connects Alumni with NLSIU

February 26, 2022

Giving Month is an initiative to provide the alumni community updates on key initiatives at NLSIU, and invite their support in jointly achieving the University’s development goals.

Each week of February will delve deeper into a separate focus area for the University’s development. This week’s focus is Student Financial Aid. To contribute to these initiatives at NLSIU, please click here.

The University’s request last year for support for student financial aid  received significant interest from alumni across the globe, whether as batch groups or individual contributors, who want to connect and give back to the student community at NLSIU. ​​In 2021, alumni instituted a number of named scholarships for NLSIU students, including the Ajoy Halder THB Scholarship, Col. Prakash Manik Bhat Memorial Scholarship and the Class of 1995 Scholarship for Menon Scholars, with commitments totaling Rs 67 lakhs.

The University’s first systematic alumni fundraising campaign, which aimed at raising a conservative Rs 15 lakh in three weeks, saw participation from over 50 alumni across the globe. Their cumulative contribution for student financial aid came up to Rs 15.7 lakhs.

The B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) Class of 1994 set up a scholarship endowment in 2019 to commemorate 25 years of their graduation. Initially set up with a mission to help students who do not come from a privileged background over a long term horizon, the interest accruing on this endowment is applied to fund annual scholarship disbursal. The generous top-up in 2021 has taken the Class of 1994’s endowment fund to Rs 50 lakhs, the largest such endowment in the University’s history.

“In the last year, the University has sent us well-captured notes and reports about the beneficiaries. The process, including formalities like getting receipts for tax certificates etc., has been seamless. These things have made it easier for alumni to connect back with the University, and participate in giving back. We believe that the spirit of coming together as a class and giving back to our alma mater makes a difference.” said Bharath Jairaj from the Class of 1994. 

In 2021, the B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) Class of 1995, contributed to support one Dr N R Madhava Menon Doctoral Scholraship for PhD Students. An alumnus on behalf of the batch explained their decision, “Legal scholarship plays an immensely valuable role in shaping the rule of law. We are glad that NLSIU is making an effort to revitalise the doctoral programme by making it more inclusive and consequently more meritocratic. We feel privileged to be able to contribute towards the Dr Menon Scholarship and wish the candidates the very best.”

Alumni contributions also play a role in shaping the academic rigour and output at the University, by encouraging students to remain committed towards their academic performance, without being hindered by financial constraints. Institutional support in this manner along with mentorship bolsters the students’ confidence and aligns their focus, so they are able to perform at their best and make full use of various opportunities during their time at NLSIU. Students who are the beneficiaries of scholarships develop a strong sense of connection with the University – a connection they carry with them after graduating, and which manifests in paying it forward.

The Giving Month initiative showcases opportunities for alumni to connect with the various initiatives at the University and play an active role in fostering a sense of belonging in the current and forthcoming batches. Insofar as financial gifting goes, the University works with individual donors and batch groups to align University needs with donors’ giving preferences. It also offers donors flexibility on the donation amount, and timing and structuring of the contribution, with donor acknowledgement where appropriate.

To contribute and read more updates on NLSIU’s student financial aid initiatives, please click here.

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The GiveIndia pages will remain live for making donations beyond Giving Month. Our overseas contributors should note that contributions through GiveIndia will receive 80G (India), 501 (c) (3) (US) and Gift Aid (UK) exemptions.