Campus Development & Management Committee (CDMC)

Objective of the Committee

The main objective of the committee is developing and managing the NLSIU Campus along with organizing certain events.

The committee, in pursuance of its mandate, maintains a swanky graffiti-filled, cushion-strewn, television-equipped, indoor sports equipment-containing SBA common room. All the eateries on the campus (including the college canteen) are regulated by CDMC. CDMC also maintains a sanitary napkin dispenser in the women’s washroom of the academic block.

It also holds movie screenings and live match screenings of important sports events along with festival celebrations like Holi, Diwali, Lohri, etc. It helps organise LeGala, an inter-collegiate event, along with CulComm and EMC. From this academic year, the committee has taken under its mandate the maintenance of AIR book cafe, which was the brain child of Aman Saxena, an alumnus and former CDMC convenor and SBA president. This year, the committee, in co-ordination with few other students of NLS, has also started to organise a donation drive for ‘Goonj’, an NGO.

In addition to this the committee organizes board games night and invites stand-up comedians to perform in law school.

It also organizes the blood donation camp and the free eye check-up camp in the campus, for all the students, faculty and staff.

The committee also owns multiple bicycles which it provides on a monthly basis to cater to the fitness and transport needs of the students and also plans to set up a co-operative style library stocked from floor to ceiling with the good, bad and ugly of literature- fiction and non-fiction.

The Committee is committed to making the NLSIU campus a better place.


  • Mrinalini Naik (4th year)- Convenor
  • Vikash Meena (4th year)- Joint Convenor
  • Aishwarya Dixit (4th year)
  • Vishal Vansh (4th year)
  • Anushree Garg (3rd year)
  • Vansh Aggarwal (3rd year)
  • Yusuf Tariq (2nd year)
  • Bhaskar Kumar (2nd year)
  • Jatin Lalwani (2nd year)
  • Kanishka Singh (2nd year)
  • Himanshu Satish (1st year)
  • Kshtiz Chandra (1st year)