Finance Committee (FinComm)


The Finance Committee works towards coordinating the finance-related requirements of the University committees. It seeks to aid the committees by acting as an intermediary between them and the University administration. It also aims at maintaining transparency and accountability in the financial matters of the committees.

Our Work

Every year, we are involved in the following activities: negotiating the annual SBA budget with various committees, collecting and verifying information for disbursal of money under Financial Assistance Policy and the Sponsorship Policy, and facilitating the process of requisitioning money from the SBA budget by various committees. In the past few years, we have also been actively involved in drafting amendments to the Finance Guidelines, the Financial Assistance Policy, and the Sponsorship Policy of the University.


The Committee holds its selection as a part of the combined SBA Committee selection process. Currently the committee has a total strength of 13 members.

Committee heads and members:

  • Arjun Singh Gautam : Convenor
  • Shubh Mittal : Joint-Convenor
  • Aditya Singh : Member
  • Gargi Pandit : Member
  • Ishan Thakur : Member
  • Kevin Preji : Member
  • Khushi : Member
  • Rohan Mehta : Member
  • Rohan Srivastava : Member
  • Sai Suraj : Member
  • Sanyam Dahiya : Member
  • Shreya Mittal : Member
  • Shubhranshu Suraj : Member

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