Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is the committee which deals with the budgetary requirements of the various ABCs. It reviews and sanctions the budgets as well as maintains the various accounts of SBA. Furthermore, it keeps track of the income and expenditure of each committee and publishes the expenditure incurred by each ABC.

The Finance Committee ensures that each committee carries out its functions within the allotted budget. The committee attempts to make sure that the finances of the entire SBA and all the activities undertaken by the various committees are handled properly, responsibly and efficiently, making sure there is accountability and transparency with respect to the huge amounts of money that we are given through various sources. Thus, it plays what may seem to some as a small but no one will deny a very vital role in ensuring all the events that to take place.

Members of the Finance Committee:

  1. Akash Jain (Convenor)
  2. Abhishek Rao (Joint Convenor)
  3. Anushree Jain
  4. Mayank Jain
  5. Shambhavi Shivdikar
  6. Vishu Surana
  7. Vihit Shah