Savitri Phule Ambedkar Caravan (SPAC)


SPAC is an inclusive collective which primarily works for the welfare of the Bahujan community on-campus. As a committee founded by some great minds and visionary Bahujan students of NLSIU, SPAC aspires to effectuate the methodologies of Babasaheb Ambedkar to Educate! Organise! Agitate! We sit as equals to educate each other and organise our brothers and sisters in a movement against injustice. The motto of SPAC, as taken from words of Babasaheb, was and has always been to Educate, Agitate and Organise and the committee is committed to these three things unconditionally.

Our Work

It was the “institutional murder of Rohith Vemula” that acted as a catalyst for the formation of SPAC. That was the time when one of the founding members, Jaya (Batch of 2017) along with others pushed for a signature campaign at Law School and later resolved to form SPAC, a safe space on campus for the students belonging socially marginalized communities in law school.

SPAC has grown from being a relatively new and motivated committee to now being an indispensable part of the law school community. The past year specifically has been an instrumental one for SPAC, not just in terms of the events conducted, but also in the outreach to other associations such as the National Black Law Students Associations and the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, among others. SPAC has collaborated with multiple organisations, NGOs and research centres and continues to build its outreach not just in India but also internationally.

Plans for AY 2020-21

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, SPAC plans to host multiple virtual and online events. SPAC will be conducting online caste-sensitization programmes for the incoming batches i.e. for first year LLB, LLM and MPP batches in the month of November. In our effort to facilitate discourse on minority rights and bahujan issues, SPAC also plans to conduct caste and race-sensitization workshops for other colleges and universities in India. Starting from November 2020, the committee will be working on its first upcoming workshops for the 180DC Consulting committees in Delhi university. The committee also hopes to launch its very own website in the upcoming year. SPAC is committed to supporting student collectives in other colleges and universities. It also aims to build solidarity not just in India but abroad as well.


Selection Criteria – The application process will consist of 3 parts totalling a 100 points. They are divided as follows:
Statement of Purpose: 30 Points
Relevant Past Experiences/ Participation in Subaltern Movements and/or Studies: 10 Points
Interview: 60 Points

Committee Members for 2020-21

  • Anmol Ratan (Convenor, III year LLB)
  • Yashaswi Bablu Kadbe ( Joint Convenor, III year LLB)
  • Aditya Rawat ( IV year LLB)
  • Lahari Subbaramaiah ( IV year LLB)
  • Mukesh Seju ( IV year LLB)
  • Ritu Kumari ( III year LLB)
  • Ankit Singh (III year LLB)
  • Mayank Singh (III year LLB)
  • Anurag T (II year LLB)
  • Saragula Dedeepya (II year LLB)
  • Yash Ahirwar (II year LLB)
  • Prajjwal Rathore (II year LLB)
  • A Jahnavi (II year LLB)
  • Meghana Senthil Kumar (II year LLB)
  • Sehrish Hazarika ( II year MPP)
  • Niveditha G D (I year MPP)
  • Shubhama Singh( I year MPP)

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