The Disability Support Group (DSG)


The Disability Support Group (DSG) has set out a mission to alleviate the challenges faced by the PWD community on campus, with a focus on minimizing inaccessibility. The group endeavors to advocate for the interests and concerns of this community by liaising with the administration in the most effective way possible. Additionally, it seeks to provide assistance to PWD individuals in cases where the existing facilities could be inadequate. Furthermore, the group aims to actively participate in political and social discussions concerning Disability Rights in India.

Our Work

The Disability Support Group (DSG) is a student-led collective that was founded by the 2022 SBA Presidents. Initially, the group focused on assisting visually impaired individuals on campus but has since expanded its mandate to provide support to all students with disabilities. DSG works with the administration to address concerns and coordinate solutions while also increasing its social media presence, particularly on Twitter, to engage in disability-related political and social discourse.

To raise awareness and educate incoming students, DSG conducts disability orientation sessions and workshops on disability-related issues. Its early initiatives included helping students with disabilities access mess services remotely through a coordinated volunteering system and coordinating with the administration for a guard escort facility to assist those with mobility issues.

Currently, DSG’s primary functions include interacting with other committees and activity-based groups within the University and providing relevant feedback to ensure accessibility within their events or functions. The collective is also planning to conduct a disability survey of the student body to gain insights into the challenges faced by students with disabilities during their time at law school. Additionally, the group conducted a disability walk with the administration to address any issues of accessibility on campus.

As a new collective recognized under the SBA, DSG has made relevant breakthroughs in terms of its mandate. However, the group seeks to further its work and research in addressing inaccessibility as an issue in legal institutions and providing further insight into the Disability Rights movement.


At present, DSG operates with a Core Team of stakeholders with disabilities and a group of volunteers spanning across different batches. We are currently in the process of creating a dual-layer policy for students to work with the collective in either a volunteering or internal capacity.


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