Student Initiative for Promotion of Legal Awareness (SIPLA)


The Student Initiative for Promotion of Legal Awareness (SIPLA) focuses on bridging the gap between the theory and practice of the law by reaching out to various academicians and practitioners in the field. To further its mandate of spreading ‘legal awareness’ within the student community, it conducts various events on topical legal issues, such as guest lectures, workshops, certificate courses, research projects, etc. SIPLA continues to be the ‘go-to’ point of contact for firms and lawyers who wish to interact with the students.

Our Work

SIPLA was conceived in 2011 with an aim of taking the teaching of law beyond the regular lectures and classrooms. With this objective, we have successfully organised guest lectures, single credit and seminar courses by practitioners and legal academicians, and independent research projects on contemporary issues.

In the past, we have conducted single credit courses on a wide array of themes, such as:
‘Intellectual Property and the Luxury Goods Industry’, ‘Human Dignity and the Golden Triangle of Articles 14, 19 and 21’, and Recent Developments in Competition Law in India’. Guest lectures and panel discussions have also been conducted on diverse areas such as ‘Scrapping of Article 370 of the Constitution’, ‘The Interaction between Space and Cyber Law’, ‘Graduate Insolvency Programme and Career Opportunities for Young Professionals’, and talks on UPSC as an option after graduating from law school. Additionally, a Contract Drafting Competition was organized in association with Ikigai Law, which broadened the scope of the committee beyond public law. Furthermore, we have expanded into conducting an interactive one-woman-play analysing justice and impunity within the law enforcement system.


New students can join SIPLA at the starting of the academic year as Junior Co-Opts, Senior Co-Opts or MPP Co-Opts, depending on their year of study. They are selected on the basis of an application and interview process conducted by the Committee. Applicants can claim points on the basis of past relevant experience in organization of events conducted by SIPLA or those related to SIPLA’s mandate, within the college or otherwise. Nonetheless, new entrants lacking substantial past experience are also urged to apply on the basis of their commitment to SIPLA and display of initiative. Each year we divide work and provide each member autonomy to invite a few individuals on their own, thereby, letting it be your choice and allowing you to expand the scope of what we do.

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