Moot Court Society

Mooting can perhaps best be described as an activity which gets a person closest to being a lawyer while still in law school – it involves identifying legal issues out of a complex fact situation; exhaustive research on those issues to advance arguments with authorities; followed by drafting extensive written submissions; and finally, gruelling orals before a bench of eminent judges. In short, it is everything a lawyer is expected to do once they start the practice of law.

The Moot Court Society (MCS) is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering all mooting related activities at NLSIU and upholding the high standards of excellence that NLS has set for itself in the field of mooting. The MCS’ role is to facilitate and regulate mooting at NLS.

Firstly, this involves planning and organising the various Moot Court Competitions that are hosted by us. Every year, it organises the NLS-Trilegal International Arbitration Moot, which is sponsored by Trilegal and has the privilege of hosting the best Universities from India and abroad, like the George Washington University and National University of Singapore amonst others. MCS also organises the India Funding Rounds of Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot to select the Indian teams that will receive full funding from ISRO to participate in the Asia Pacific Regional Rounds of the Moot.

MCS’s second major mandate is to constitute the University Moot Team, a process which stretches over 2 months, culminating in a ranking of those selected to represent the NLSIU at various national and international moots. NLSIU remains the only Indian team to win the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Competition, considered to be the toughest and most prestigious in the world, twice, in 1999 and 2012. Recently, NLSIU finished as the runners up in the Jessup Moot in 2018. It is also the only Indian University to have won the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition thrice, in 2004, 2009 and 2017. NLSIU maintains an enviable record in national level moot court competitions as well, performing in a stellar fashion at moots such as the K.K. Luthra Memorial Moot, the HSF-NUJS Corporate Law Moot, and the GNLU WTO Law Moot, amongst others.

The third function that the MCS serves is to develop future mooters, as well as garner interest in mooting at NLS. In pursuance of this, MCS follows a policy of encouraging participation in mooting from all batches, including the incoming first year batch. To allow them to compete on an equal footing, the MCS organises extensive workshops and demonstrations to enable them to learn the process of mooting from the very basics to the most intricate details. Further, the MCS arranges for interactive sessions with experienced mooters and litigators from previous batches to guide the present mooters better. In addition, the MCS also organises a ‘Novices Moot’ during the year to encourage people to try the activity of mooting, and an Inter-Class moot, which pits senior batches against the junior batches, thus providing a learning experience to all. All round the year. MCS also appoints strategists and moot mentors to encourage and support moot teams and individuals.

The academic year 2017-18 was an outstanding one for NLS in terms of mooting performance. The NLS teams for the prestigious Philip C. Jessup Moot (Washington D.C, USA) and the WTO ELSA Moot Court Competition (Geneva, Switzerland) were declared runners-up. The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot team finished as semi-finalists. The team for Willem C Vis [East] reached the Round of 16. The team for the NLU Jodhpur Anti Trust Moot were declared overall winners. In other international and national moots as well, our students performed admirably, such as winning the NLIU-Tankha Moot.

The Moot Court Society 2018-19 consists of the following persons:

  1. Convener: Mr. Akashdeep Singh (+91-9632534788)
  2. Joint Convener: Mr. Saarthak Jain (+91-9680101400)
  3. Members:
    1. Mr Ashim Gupta
    2. Ms. Shubhangi Maheshwari
    3. Mr. Srinivas NC
    4. Ms. Stuti Rai
    5. Ms. Anushka Tiwari
    6. Mr. Anahad Narain
    7. Mr. Vignesh Ramakrishnan
    8. Mr. Priyanshu Jain