Literary and Debating Society

The Literary and Debating Society of NLSIU provides spaces for an extremely motley cross-section of students to express themselves from loud mouthed debaters to geeky quizzers to socially inept writers. While some might argue that the thanklessness of the organization of selections and its associated controversies has made its members grumpy and easily irritable, LnD can claim with pride that it has grown in status and stature in recent years.

Despite inherent vice, the society has fostered activities such as debating, quizzing and other literary events such as DC, Picto, 20Q, JAM etc as evinced by the exemplary performance of students in those fields for which LnD has no qualms about gleefully claiming credit. Students have consistently excelled at debates both at the national and international level, reinforcing the stereotype of lawyers who talk without saying much by breaking at the Cambridge IV and winning the All Asians (not to mention locking out the finals) at the international level, and winning enough debates at the national level that they’ve stopped counting.

The quizzers, mostly by dumb luck and a little inspiration, are some of the most highly rated in the college circuit in India, having also risen to the top of the Karnataka Quiz Association ranking and incidentally striking fear in the hearts of college teams everywhere.

Literary events are also pursued with great verve and enthusiasm and considerable skill, in large numbers (though also having a curious aversion to using it for profit), and the college counts amongst its alumni more than one published author.

LnD, much beloved (or so we’d like to believe) and mostly harmless, persists in its popularity within the college community even as cries of ‘No Parity’ inevitably provide the eulogy to each conducted event.

The following students constitute the members of this year’s committee (2018-19):

  1. Unnati Ghia
  2. Amandeep Borthakur
  3. Tenzing Namgyal Bhutia
  4. Ashi Mehta
  5. Karan Dhalla
  6. Smriti Kalra
  7. Parv Kaushik
  8. Sania Abbasi
  9. Vrishank Singhania
  10. Satyajit Bose

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