Entrepreneur Cell (E-Cell)


We at E-Cell believe that there is a lack of exposure to the social side of entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurship in general at Law Schools. Even if there are students who have a certain idea they want to pursue, the culture and the hectic schedule of law schools may curb that desire to start something new. And the most basic question that arises is this: ‘Where to Start?’

There is a common saying that we are ‘The Leaders for Tomorrow.’ We at E-cell believe in the idea of ‘The Leaders for Today.’ The aim of E-cell is to foster the needs of young minds and their ideas while striving for change. We as aspiring entrepreneurs, who come from law backgrounds, want to promote the culture of risk taking and the values it entails, hoping to make a difference. The mission is to create an environment conducive for learning about entrepreneurship, especially for people who come from a purely legal background.

Our Work

E-Cell has been an active committee on campus by conducting various talks and events periodically. These include talks on issues of importance to budding entrepreneurs like electoral and political reforms, starting one’s own law firm, and politics for education and jobs. In addition to these periodic talks, E-Cell has conducted the B Plan, an idea-pitching event. The committee maintains an active presence on social media where information and updates related to entrepreneurship is shared.


New students can join the Committee at the starting of the academic year as Junior Co-opts, Senior Co-opts and MPP Co-opts. Co-opts are selected through an application and an interview process by the Committee. They can work under many different heads like content and outreach, marketing, and social media for co-ordination under our flagship event.  Students can always apply for membership at the end of the academic year. Past involvement and activity points along with a statement of interest evaluated by the E-Cell Faculty Advisor is considered for the same.

Contact Us

Website: https://www.ecellnlsiu.com/