Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee

The University has established principles and procedures to combat Sexual Harassment, referred to as the ‘Code to Combat Sexual Harassment.’  In compliance with the requirements of the Supreme Court of India and the University Grants Commission, Sexual Harassment on Campus is condemned and will be suitably punished as laid down in the Code to Combat Sexual Harassment adopted by the University in September, 2002. Read the revised Code to Combat Sexual Harassment.

What constitutes as Sexual Harassment?

Under the Code, Sexual Harassment is defined as ‘Unwelcome Sexual Conduct’ which includes:

  • Any unwelcome sexual advances,
  • Unwelcome acts of physical intimacy,
  • Unwelcome requests for sexual favours including oral, textual, graphic representations of a sexual nature to a person, in the person’s presence or about the person.

To facilitate inquiry and address the grievances arising from the violation of this Code, the Vice Chancellor has constituted the Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee (SHARIC) to deal with such matters. In accordance with Section 8 of the Code to Combat Sexual Harassment, the Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee is reconstituted with the following members.

Committee Members

Under the Code to Combat Sexual Harassment 2019, and POSH Act, 2013, the Sexual Harassment and Inquiry Committee has been reconstituted as below:

  1. Dr. Rinku Lamba, Associate Professor, CSSIEP – Chairperson
  2. Mr. Kunal Ambasta, Assistant Professor of Law
  3. Dr. Madhubanti Sadhya, Assistant Professor of Law
  4. Mr. Madhu K.S., Assistant Librarian
  5. Ms. Veena Krishnan, External Member
  6. Student Representative – Ms. Kashish Komal, II Year MPP Programme

To raise any complaint related to sexual harassment, please write to

Ms. Shreya Shree, Assistant Professor of Law, is the Sexual Harassment Policy Advisor (SHPA).

For advice related sexual harassment issues, write to .

Student Facilitators

The following students are appointed as Student Facilitators for the year 2022-23 under the Code to Combat Sexual Harassment.

  1. Radhika Singhal
  2. Akshit Singla
  3. Radhika Dharnia
  4. Apoorva Nangia
  5. Jwalika Bajaj
  6. Lakshmi Nambiar
  7. Kashish Komal
  8. Sara Singh