The following links provide information on University resources for NLSIU’s staff.

  • NLSIU Rules & Regulations – Download a copy of the relevant rule or regulation by visiting this page.
  • NLS Portal – For administrative access, please login to
  • Faculty Directory – View our directory comprising the list of Core, Adjunct and Visiting faculty members of NLSIU.
  • Employees’ Service & Finance Regulations – Read the full document on the NLSIU regulations for employees.
  • COVID Resource– Visit this page for updates on campus safety measures during the COVID pandemic.
  • Map & Directions – For staff members who are new to the city or to NLSIU, click on the link for directions to the campus.
  • Accessibility – Here are some measures undertaken by NLS to ensure an accessible and welcoming environment for all persons with disabilities.
  • Donations – Links for contributions are available here.
  • Library Portal – Visit our newly launched library portal to find all University’s library resources and services in a more organised, user-friendly and accessible manner.