All students enrolled in the full-time academic programmes at the NLSIU are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA).

It is a matter of great pride for all of us at the Law School that the student body enjoys substantial autonomy and is in fact encouraged by the faculty to engage in a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities as well as hostel administration.

The SBA adopted a Constitution of its own in 2000, which regulates its structure and functioning. The SBA Constitution provides for the yearly formation of twelve Activity Based Committees (ABCs), each having a specific focus. The individual members of each ABC are chosen on the basis of merit in the respective area. Each ABC is headed by a student Convener elected by the particular committee’s members, and its functioning is supervised by a faculty advisor. The University funds the intra-institutional activities of the various ABCs, while individual committees raise external sponsorships for their respective inter-institutional events and activities. The working of the ABCs is co-ordinated by two elected representatives, namely the President and the Vice-President.

Every class elects two student representatives who together form the Class Council. This body liaises with the faculty on academic issues.

Similarly, students are also involved in the administration of the hostels through three committees appointed by the Warden – namely the General Welfare Committee (GWC), Mess Committee and Disciplinary Committees.

The SBA has earned a formidable reputation for its wide range of events and activities – be it mooting, legal services, literary and cultural competitions or academic publications.

We publish three student edited journals i.e. the Student Bar Review (SBR), the Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT) and the Socio-Legal Review (SLR). LeGala is our annual inter-collegiate literary and cultural festival which runs concurrently with Strawberry Fields , which is India ‘s largest student-organised rock show. In recent years, Spiritus , our inter-law college sports festival, as well as the NLS Debate , which is South Asia ‘s largest parliamentary style debating tournament, have attracted both voluminous participation as well as media attention.

Recruitment is also managed completely by students. Each outgoing batch elects a Recruitment Co-ordination Committee (RCC) from amongst its own students, which networks with advocates, law firms and companies interested in recruiting NLSIU students. The recruitment process has so far unfailingly enjoyed a 100 % success rate, and in recent years has even attracted major foreign recruiters. Apart from this, many of our students secure admissions to prestigious universities each year for further study (many of them with scholarships such as the Rhodes, Inlaks, British Chevening among others). Some opt for careers in the academic and voluntary sectors.

We understand that the fee-structure at the NLSIU may cause a prospective student to think twice about seeking admission to the Law School . We are proud to state that these concerns have been addressed by way of a comprehensive merit-cum-need’ based scholarship programme as well as the easy availability of loans and financial assistance. The University follows the principle that no student once admitted shall ever have to discontinue his/her studies on grounds of financial hardship.

Please feel free to e-mail us at sba@nls.ac.in or sba.nlsiu@gmail.com , for information about student-life at the NLSIU.

Past Office-bearers of the Student Bar Association :
Year President Vice-President
2019-2020 Hamza Tariq Divyanshu R. Badole
2017-2018 Mathew Nevin Thomas Osho Chhel
2016-2017 Amax Saxena Shraddha Gome
2015-2016 Nayan Banerjee Apurva Shukla
2014-2015 Shristhi Singh Tarun Krishnakumar
2013-2014 Rajat Gangawar Janardhan Yadav
2012-2013 Susmit Paul Aranya Badrinarayanan Seetharaman
2011-2012 Rohit Jayaraman Rajneesh Deka
2010-2011 Ajar Rab Varun T. Mathew
2009-2010 Madhav Kanoria Nagarjun
2008-09 Poongkhulali Balasubramaniam Kalrav Rakesh Mishra
2007-08 Vishak Abraham Senura
2006-07 Arun Sri Kumar Sidharth Chauhan
2005-06 Naiyya Saggi Bipin Pradip Aspatwar
2004-05 Vinay Sitapati Tanmay Amar
2003-04 Abhishek Nath Tripathi Aparna Mittal
2002-03 Shailesh Rai Tarunabh Khaitan
2001-02 Poornima Hatt B. Gopalakrishna Shenoy
2000-01 Suhaan Mukherji Mathew Chandy
1999-2000 Shreyas Jayasimha Gautam Acharya
1998-99 Shreyas Jayasimha Gautam Acharya
1997-98 Rahoul Roy Siddharth Aggarwal
1996-97 Meghana Abraham Abhishek Malhotra
1995-96 A. A. Sanjeev Narrain Siddharth Raja
1994-95 Mayura Baweja S. L. Narasimha
1993-94 Sanjoy Ghose Soumobroto Ganguly
1992-93 L. Viswanathan R. V. Anuradha
1991-92 V. Umakanth Sai Krishna Rajgopal
1990-91 Mrigank Sharma Indranil Choudhury
1989-90 Poojitha M. G. Nandan S. Nelvigi
1988-89 Dayan Krishnan Nikhil Nayyar
Present Office-bearers of the Student Bar Association are :

SBA office bearers (2020 – 2021)
Vignesh R – President
Kanishka Singh – Vice President
Student Bar Association,
National Law School of India University.

+91-9600194429 (President)
+91-7760740651 (Vice President)

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